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Jan 4, 2013 4:30am EST
it was essential for their plan. >> their plan? >> yes. valerie saintclair and ronnie oglander. mother and father is too weak, so it had to be son. you see, mon ami mademoiselle saintclair visited monsieur reedburn, last night, accompanied by ronnie. there was a quarrel, no doubt, and the young monsieur oglander punched monsieur reedburn in the face. he fell backwards and hit his head. voila. >> but how do you know all this? >> because of that window. now remember, this was the only window with its curtains drawn back. yes? why? to give a view of the willows, the oglanders' house. in order to make it appear that valerie saintclair went to the willows by chance, it was necessary for the body to be found over there. >> i see. but-- >> you have another question mon ami, no? >> well, yes. i mean, what's the connection? >> between valerie saintclair and the oglanders? ah. ♪ [car horn] >> what was that ahmed doing here? >> he's come to see to the horses. >> oh. that's his excuse, is it? he spends too much time hanging around here, if you ask me. >> oh bernard, he doesn't. >> i'm still your husband vi
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am PST
but i would tell you valerie jarre jarrett. >> i think most people would. >> an african-american female and more impactful than the men in the numbers. >> president obama's first term, 36% women appointed to his kabl net. george w. bush, first term, 19%. bill clinton, 27 point. valerie jarrett, for people, the image stirring, you have an original photograph of the men and her leg. it is like there's her leg. and then the white house tweeted out a new photograph with women in the oval office. you're absolutely right. i think no one would doubt valerie jarrett's influence not just from the white house but back in the day in chicago and a force of nature and the total view, talking about -- if you walk in to a fortune 500 company right now, people are looking to seedy versety and people of color. >> in fairness, i think the point was made about the big four. >> yeah. >> and the big four, there are no women and eric holder is african-american male and if he were to leave i think janet napolitano would be the front-runner for attorney general. >> yes. >> but look. i remember i lost a lot of
Jan 4, 2013 3:05am EST
. i thought this was a love scene! my dear valerie, you are not discussing the weather with this man. you are about to commit adultery with him! make a big pause before you say, "i'm married." ahmed, count to five, you turn, then say your line. okay. let's see it. >> ahmed-- i'm married. >> no, darling. can you count to five? >> i did. >> count to ten, then. this is no hide and seek counting, my dear. one! two! three! four! five! six! seven! eight! nine! ten! you got it! ♪ [motor engine] >> good morning. captain hastings and monsieur poirot. guests of bunny saunders. >> ah yes. >> very young, of course to be directing his first picture. what a break getting valerie saintclair to star. >> yes. films are very boring, hastings. but the actors who are paid to deceive us, now they're interesting, huh? >> quiet on the set! >> red line bell. [bell] roll camera. >> still 18, take 11. [click] >> action. >> what was that ahmed doing here? >> he's come to see to the horses. >> that's his--excuse, is it? >> is that not ralph walton? he was a big star before the talkies. >> sshh. >> --with the
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am EST
the president surrounded by all male adviser is an economic team mostly men. valerie jarrett. apparently in the room as "the new york times" noted. had you to find her leg there. ruth marcus to editorialize this morning, quote, obama needs some binders of women. playing off the famous line from mitt romney in one of the debates. yesterday press secretary jay carney defended the administration, clearly had statistics at hand. >> napolitano, cabinet level position, u.n. ambassador, u.s. ambassador of the united nations susan rice. you know, again, i can go through the list. this president has appointed -- made two appointments to the supreme court. both of them women. and i think that his commitment to -- >> do you think it is unfir charge? >> i think the record speaks for itself. >> one thing, though, just have to wonder some of our -- wondered aloud why there hadn't been a second-term transition director that said hey, you are about nominate five white men in a row, do you want to come up -- do some of your other appointment first? sprinkle it in, show diversity of appointments. it just
Jan 20, 2013 7:00am PST
senior advisory valerie chair people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. . >>> and in the west wing, there may be no closer ally to the president than valerie jarrett she stood with the president with the highs and lows of his career. she is with us now. senior adviser, of course. she joins us live from the white house. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> i have to ask you, so, what's the mood inside that house behind you? have you spoken with the president? first lady, about to be sworn in. >> yeah, he's so excited. they both are. it's just a wonderful, wonderful moment and we're enjoying the moment and get right back to work. >> i just have to ask you, since you're such a close friend of the president's, can you share with us how he's changed over these last four years? >> you know, i think in the convention speech, the first lady made this point very well. she said, he hasn't changed as a president. it is really revealed who he is. he's been tested, as you said, goo
Comedy Central
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
top aide valerie jarrett is hidden behind the men. >> jon: that's just valerie jarrett's style. here she is at the '08 inauguration. here she is at tianamen square. here she is with buzz aldrin on the moon. she's like a living where's waldo. here she is behind waldo. you know what? i'd like to hear the president's excuse for this. actually, i can hear the president's excuse for this >> i'm very proud that in the first four years that we had as diverse if not more diverse a white house and a cabinet than any in history. what? i've made four appointments so far. i would suggest that everybody kind of wait until they've seen all my appointments, who is in the white house staff and who is in my cabinet before they rush to judgment. >> jon: for more we're joined by senior white house correspondent jessica williams. thank you for joining us ( cheers and applause ) jessica, all last year the concern about obama in his second term was going to be that he's going to go full on like socialist black panther one world government. now he appears to have gone more season one of mad men. what's hap
Jan 23, 2013 11:00am PST
. there is no question who she will take with her. >> i figure this is what savings is for. her daughter, valerie, is as big a fan as her mom but she also is seven months pregnant and wasn't sure she could go until the doctor gave the green light. >> healthy, you can go. enjoy it. once-in-a-lifetime situation have a great time. >> are you allowed to clear? >> i have been cheering. i just don't jump as much. >> those not lucky enough to winner scrambling for a seat. many are suffering from sticker shock on www.seatcrunch$2,$2,100 buys you a ticket. >> that does not which you the price of getting there. valerie and her mother are still looking for flights and hotels but they say they would not trade or sell their new super bowl tickets for any price. thank you, cornell. abc7 will follow the 49ers to new orleans for the big game and our sports director and mike shumann head up the team. >> still ahead, secretary of state, hillary clinton, faces tough questions from republicans on capitol hill. what she is saying about last year's embassy attack in benghazi. >> notre dame star, manti te'o, is speakin
Jan 23, 2013 11:30am PST
. her daughter, valerie, is as big a fan as her mom but she also is seven months pregnant and wasn't sure she could go until the doctor gave the green light. >> healthy, you can go. enjoy it. once-in-a-lifetime situation have a great time. >> are you allowed to clear? >> i have been cheering. i just don't jump as much. >> those not lucky enough to winner scrambling for a seat. many are suffering from sticker shock on www.seatcrunch$2,$2,100 buys you a ticket. >> that does not which you the price of getting there. valerie and her mother are still looking for flights and hotels but they say they would not trade or sell their new super bowl tickets for any price. thank you, cornell. abc7 will follow the 49ers to new orleans for the big game and our sports director and mike shumann head up the team. >> still ahead, secretary of state, hillary clinton, faces tough questions from republicans on capitol hill. what she is saying about last year's embassy attack in benghazi. >> notre dame star, manti te'o, is speaking up about falling for a sick online hoax involving a [ male announcer ] if
Jan 13, 2013 3:30pm PST
in this administration forth coming? >> hillary is gone. >> there's valerie, john. leave it alone. >> solis is leaving. >> can i finish? >> yeah. >> hillary is gone. all the other jobs were occupied by white man. i don't think this president feels the compulsion to look like a benatante. if the republicans want to argue that the president's cabinet isn't diverse enough, have at it. >> did you see the group with obama with the sleeves rolled up? they were all boys. out of 14 or 15 people gathered around. not one woman. >> i think valerie jarratt's leg was in there. >> she was not. >> she actually functions as chief of staff. if anybody questions where the center of power is in the white house, a lot of it is around valerie jarratt. >> so you think the gripes by feminist groups -- >> i understand the disappointment but they're not going to be disappointed in the end. >> thoughts on this, mort? the subject is hagel. >> i feel i'd much rather talk about women, but if you insist, i'll talk about hagel. look, i think he's a very well respected senator. the point about it is, i think implicit in what was jus
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 9:00pm PST
to valerie jared praising them, thank you for the last four years. couldn't be any more obvious. >> well, valerie jared thank you for being on the show sh this morning. enjoy the day. >> thank you. thank you. thank you for everything. it's been a good four year was you all as well. >> thank you for all you've done, we appreciate it. >> valerie jared is reportedly barack obama's most-trusted adds visor. she's thanking msnbc for everything. they respond by swapping spit with this woman. this is a network so in the tank for barack obama they've been pushing him since 2004 senate campaign. she has every reason to thank them, they should have said you're welcome. >> sean: one side note did you notice george stephanopoulos misidentified the celtics star bill russell for morgan freeman? watch this. >> look at the crowd gathering now. that is morgan freeman. bill russell. i'm sorry. >> whoops, sorry. just a small accident. yes. >> that is funny but have you to ask yourself if a conservative had done that, what would have been reaction? conservatives can't tell one black man from another. >> sean
Jan 10, 2013 1:00am PST
this, quote, the only woman facing the with the was, very closely, valerie jarrett. do you see valerie jarrett in the photo? she is right there in near jay carney. it's valerie jarrett's leg. her left leg is sticking out from behind the guy in the blue and white shirt standing next to jay carney. she appears to be wearing black tights maybe or leggings. but funny as it is, the trickery is not why it became notorious today, and it's not why they put it on the front page of the "new york times." it's because out of one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven senior staff members advising the president in this photo, only one of the people barely in this photo is a woman. last month president obama held a press conference to announce he is nominating senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. so john kerry not susan rice. earlier this week, the president announcing that former republican senator chuck hagel was his pick to be the next secretary of defense. so chuck hagel and not, say, michelle flournoy, the very highly regarded undersecretar
Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm PST
an election and very critical of the other side's lack of diversity. valerie jarrett's leg was in night's photo. >> that's important. >> are we going to hear pushback on this nomination at all from the left? lew has less wall street -- fewer wall street ties than geithner an he was a coo at citigroup. he said during the 2010 crisis he didn't believe financial deregulation was a proximate cause of the crisis. will we see pushback from the left on this confirmation? >> we saw barney sanders of vermont say he's against the nomination but there's another problem, too. house republicans who are the only republicans in control in town really almost despise jack lew, do not see him as an honest broker and someone to work with and a story on politico tomorrow i'm working on puts a nail in the coffin on tax reform and republicans trying to jump start for a long time and problems practically with house republicans and negotiating budget deals, with jack lew. i mean, john boehner doesn't want him in the room negotiating. he will be in the backseat for the next couple of months after this fiscal cl
Jan 16, 2013 4:00pm PST
buddies into the administration except for valerie. most friends in chicago are not who he works with. he's not using friendship to pick people from? >> now that you mention it, the irony is the one chicago friend that he brought into the inner circle of his white house staff was a woman, valerie jarrett. the others are men, african-american men. >> is he picking from his buddies? >> that's the way he is. >> does he do it? >> yes. dee dee mentions the golf games. that doesn't count all the hours watching espn and playing basketball. now, susan rice could probably clean all their clocks. >> she could? >> yeah. she was the captain of her high school basketball team. >> she played in college. >> i like womens basketball. i can follow it. i can identify with it. >> here's something. the president can't complain about this, the white house can't complain about people carping because the president was re-elected as the symbol and leader of this new diverse america. that's who he is. that's what he got congratulated for. that's what "time" magazine named him person of the year for. if there's a
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
miller show." welcome to it. did you know actress valerie harper will be on the show today. >> what? >> stephanie: she calls ed asner -- she is going to do it again. isn't she. >> she is not going to be talking about road da. >> stephanie: no, she had a new simpsons show. >> yes on this sunday. >> stephanie: vice president biden yesterday. >> as the president said if your actions result in only saving one life they are worth taking but i am convinced we can effect the well-being of millions of americans and take thousands of people out of harm's way. >> stephanie: they may want to have something out by january 15th. which was sooner than expected. it was originally the end of january -- what is it called. >> state of the state address. >> stephanie: no the john biden -- >> oh the thing. did you see the drudge report went all ape-dump yesterday. >> stephanie: yes. what did reince preibus say? >> i don't like it -- >> stephanie: i was hoping for the -- >> reince preibus! but he doesn't talk like that. he sounds more like droopy dog. >> stephanie: jim in jersey good m
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
general colin powell valerie jarrett, nbc's tom brokaw "hardball's" chris matthews and presidential historian doris kerns goodwin. >>> up next, the political playbook -- oh my gosh, the line. the political playbook with jim. first, bill karins is here with a check on the forecast. bill. >> mika this crowd, once again, you won't believe how long this line is. so many wonderful people out here. you came all the way from the bahamas, and you did it four years ago too. >> i did it four years ago. >> very impressive. from virginia maryland. you two both work in the navy. you're from? >> california. >> and you're from? >> ohio. i worked on the campaign. >> both times or just the last year? >> just this last year. >> good job. i think it worked. >> a little bit. >> we'll have to work on getting you a better spot in line. let's talk about your forecast as we go throughout this day today for the inauguration. a beautiful weekend here in d.c. temperatures they're not bad. right now we're at 33. windchills in the 20s. it will be similar as we go throughout the noon hour for the swe
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
carney. let's go and even so bad, listen to valerie garrett praising them, thank you for the last four years. couldn't be any more obvious. >> well, valerie garrett, thank you so much for taking the time for being on the show, enjoy the day. >> thank you, thank you. >> great to see you. >> thanks for having me and thanks for everything, it's been a good four years with you all as well. >> thank you for all you've done in the last four years, we really appreciate it. >> valerie jarrett isn't just some junior aide at the white house, she is reportedly barack obama's most trusted advisor and she's thanking msnbc for everything, and they respond by basically swapping spit with this woman. and this, this is the network that is so in the tank for barack obama, they've been pushing him since the 2004 senate campaign. so, she has every reason to thank them and they should have said you're welcome. >> sean: just one side note before we get back to media bias, did you notice george stephanopoulos misidentified the great basketball star bill russell for morgan freeman. >> and look at that, morgan
Jan 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
. all of them in there are male except for valerie jarrett's leg there blocked from sight. she's of course very influential, but look at the ratio there. this piece points out 43% of obama's appointees have been women. but following a slew of nominations of white men for high possessions, we've seen them all. today it looks like a lot of white guys getting good jobs. and hilda solis is resigning. going to talk to joan walsh. which is fun in this discussion. and eugene robinson who writes beautiful columns and you did it again on rg3. is there something wrong with this picture, joan walsh? as we look at it. >> yes. obviously there is, chris. it would be a somewhat different picture if valerie had been actually visible in it. so that's a shame. but it's not enough. she is one of the most influential if not the most influential person in the president's circle. we've got to give him credit for that. i think it's unfortunate the "times" piece did not talk about the fact he did nominate two women to the supreme court. and the court nominees have been good in terms of diversity. thos
Jan 18, 2013 10:00am PST
for a pretty specific agenda. >> i wanted to also ask you about valerie jarrett's interview with politico and mike allen. she really pushed back hard on the argument that there have not been so far enough women in key roles throughout the cabinet. i'm not talking about the whole cabinet, but the lead four. now we look at dennis mcdonough being the chief of staff. on the frontline, not enough women. she points out in her comments to mike allen and jim vaned high, i don't play golf. i don't play basketball. i don't really play cards. i don't think anybody questions whether i have a role to play here. it's irrelevant whether the president wants to do that in some of his free time. what's really important is when we have something to say, does he listen to, you and he does. valerie jarrett. of course, she occupies a unique space with both obamas. arguably, whether or not she plays cards or basketball or golf doesn't really speak to the issue of whether or not the president spends a lot of time with the guys in the white house and whether there are enough women in high ranking positions other
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
always remember that valerie singleton and chris trace used to ask us children to send in drawings and things we'd made. so, one year when i was very small, i did a drawing, a sort of geometric-- lots of multi-colored things-- and sent it in and a few weeks later, my mother handed me a little envelope with a bulge in it in the middle. and i opened it, terribly excited pulled out a piece of card with a blue peter badge on it and a little letter from biddy baxter, the editor. oh, yes! well done you. because i tried to do that. i sent a little toy and i didn't get anything. oh, no! i know! i can't think why. but you're still wearing it today. now, that is quite unusual, isn't it? well, it really is one of my favorite objects. and blue peter itself was tremendously influential on children. and all the presenters in my time-- chris trace, valerie singleton and john noakes-- were incredibly important to me as a child. so, which was your favorite presenter? well, it has to be valerie singleton, of course. well, i'm quite glad you said that because i
FOX Business
Jan 4, 2013 9:20am EST
, his top two advisors are his wife michelle, and value valerie jarrett, two women. he also appointed hillary clinton and lisa jackson. there are a lot of women in his cabinet and also two female supreme court justices. you can disagree with him politically as i do but he's made a lot of female appointments. they should be asking for more money, however. >> here's my point, it's not just about the titles people have; right? it is about access to the president. kathleen sebelius, no matter what you think of her as health and human services secretary, a basketball star as an undergraduate, never been asked to play basketball with the president because, you know, he has these pick-up games with staff, they do it all the time, she's never been invited. stuart: never? >> it is well known inside the cabinet that women's voices are less well regarded. stuart: okay. let me make this comment. i think that politics in america has been -- am i so wrong, monica? >> no i agree with you. i think you are absolutely right about that. but remember, president obama -- and you are right to point out he
Jan 16, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> reporter: valerie isabelle was born quite healthy on tuesday. her mother, layla, got a flu shot back in october. >> i got it before the flu season started, when i was a little shy of seven months. >> reporter: this study, the largest to date, looked at more than 117,000 pregnancies in norway, which has free health care and keeps excellent medical records. the study found that women who contracted the flu while pregnant had almost twice the chance of a miscarriage. but even as they got the flu, after getting vaccinated, the chance of miscarriage still went down. and most important, it showed the flu shot itself did not increase the chance of miscarriage or put the baby at risk. for the babies whose moms got the vaccine, there is no indication of any bad health effects. no increase in prematurity, no decrease in birth weights. and no changes in the score the doctors use to assess the health of newborns. >> is the baby moving well? >> reporter: for years, doctors have known that pregnant women have five times the risk of nonpregnant women for flu complications. that's because pregnancy
Jan 20, 2013 5:30pm PST
behind the initiatives that she did. >> reporter: valerie jarrett says the first lady and you her staff are working on a new agenda. >> she really is very determined to make sure that they think it through thoroughly and that they don't just do one-off things. she wants to really make sure that it's thought out. >> reporter: ivillage chief correspondent kelly wallace covers michelle obama. >> she is obviously going to add other issues to her plate. i wouldn't be surprised if you hear her talking more about work/life balance. >> reporter: no matter what the first lady's new agenda holds, advisers say the role of mom-in-chief will always be her top priority. >> every day, i hope that i'm doing right by my girls. every day. >> reporter: malia is now 14 and sasha, 11. that means college applications and all the challenges that lie ahead. >> as i get a little bit older and as i have now so adjusted to washington, i think that frees her up a little bit more to spend more time on the initiative she is cares about, but she will never take her eyes off the two of them. >> reporter: kristen welke
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
her daughter, valerie, who, at seven months pregnant worried she may not be able to go. her doctor gave her a thumbs up to make the trip. >> healthy. you can go. she said enjoy it. once in a lifetime. have a great time. >> are you allow owed cheer? >> oh, yeah. i've been cheering. i just don't jump up up as much anymore. >> niners have 13,000 tickets to sell or hand out. the rest going families sponsors, staff, and fans who purchased travel packages. >> the super bowl bound 49ers held a full practice today following big win sunday over falcons. the game abc 7 news joins frus santa clara. wayne? >> here is the question of the day. is it possible to prepare for super bowl and just keep telling yourself it's another football game? i'm not sure about that. let's check the body language here at practice here. these are the 49ers practicing on a drizzly field, drills, flying footballs and a group of well paid men going about their business. insulated from a bay area filling can hopes and expectations. 49ers open their locker room for a few minutes. we had one qef a feeling it yet? 49ers
Jan 22, 2013 9:00am PST
destination" moment. and valerie actually spoke to michael. >> i heard the chains, and next thing i know, it was very bright. >> that was the scariest thing i have ever thisee, i thin. >> no report why the lights came crashing but but they say he was back at scoot the next day and doing fine. >> i would have been in trouble. >> almighty! >>> when you're covering the news you don't want to become the news, but that's what happened to channel 10's helicopter. suddenly their helicopter began to spin out of control. the cameraman is still rolling when the helicopter starts to go down. a 9 news cameraman on the scene captured the helicopter crash landing. >> oh, geez! >> and the pilot reportedly says he lost power prp something happened with the helicopter mechanically, he believed and de what he called an auto rotation. basic he, he saved the lives of himself and the camera man. >> looked like he set it down pretty easy. >> he did. you see the breaking off. coming to rest on its side. the cameraman, only 22 years old, recently trained how to fly in this helicopter gets out. >> wow. >> so doe
Jan 1, 2013 6:00am PST
livermore to dublin and castro valerie. and without problems right now 167-8901, 80, 85. >>> time for a look back at what made headlines in 2012 from the bay area to around the globe. ♪[music] ♪ >> and this is battling and nobody the crew was yelling. >>> this afternoon. and we go. >> and the church. it is disturbing. >> this car took a detour. >> he quit his job to move in with a student. >>> and what everyone has been talking about. it is awesome. >> and and the board walk. >>> i never imagined this could happen to me. >>> and 164 million. >> and 5 people are dead inside this. >>> a father and daughter killed. >> that's one priority. >> and half a dozen gunshots; we have not gotten justice yet. >>> i was in the interested in doing it so i took off my clothes. >> the jury deliver as not guilty verdict. >> we have a shooting at century. >> another person out. >> he was the joker. >> and. >> it was not. >> i'm reporting a refinery. we don't know what is going on. >> and they are suffering from headaches. >> residents are con fronting residents. >> and he is the worst. >> i accept the nomi
Jan 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
here, senior adviser, valerie jarrett, an african-american woman, said this to cnn earlier today. let's take a listen. >> his cabinet, when he is finished, and he is far from finished, will have diversity, including women, including people of color. he believes makes his best decisions when he is surrounded by people who have different perspectives and give him their best ideas. and so, one picture does not speak 1,000 words in this instance. i spent a lot of time in the oval office and i am nee there with a great number of women who he listens to and whose counsel and advice he trusts greatly. >> you know, i have to admit, i know most of the people inside the white house, not all of them, but that picture really did a disservice to this administration and this president, who i believe is committed to diversity. i'm vice chair of the party, last time i checked, i had to check a few boxes on the list. our chair of the party is a woman there are women in his cabinet. >> talking about senior cabinet members. there's no question that hillary clinton -- >> when you look at that picture wha
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
c.i.a. authors valerie plame, we all when we write books about the c.i.a. memoirs we have to send them to the c.i.a. to have them veteranned for any classified information. i have to chuckle because some of the information that is redacted from my book or bob bear's books or valerie plame you would think it was laughable that that was deemed classified when they obviously spilled all of the beans on the osama bin laden operation to hollywood before they shared that information with either congressmen and women or with the american public. at this point i feel like they really have to back up if they're going to selectively suggest certain things, then they have to back that up. they can't now say that's classified information. >> cenk: now we have bradley manning sitting in jail to sore long, he leaked information that we didn't want leaked out. but when we want information leaked out we'll leaking it for one purpose or another. when you look at the at a case, hey can we get a legal briefing as to why we executed an u.s. citizen abroad without trial but then didn't they kill awala
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
nonentities. he was a real nonentity. the person driving the economic agenda is valerie jarrett. it will be interesting to see how valerie jarrett meshes with jack lew. another story we had had first here on fox business. ashley: aig. >> why did they say no to hank greenberg? there are many reasons why. i'm getting this from inside the company. they were not going to join this lawsuit earlier today. it was, it is so obvious. aig right now is applying to be about is known as a sieve if i firm. ive if i firm. system i financially important firm. systemmally important financial institution they are applying for that. guess who you don't sue. ashley: the federal government. >> this was a nonstarter from the minute they looked eight. should also point out another reason why, they have an ad campaign where they basically talk about how they're thanking the american tax pay fore --. ashley: turning around and suing the taxpayers essentially. >> those two things. systematically important issue made it dead on arrival. why are they taking it up? what they're saying internally and what th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 245 (some duplicates have been removed)